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My Name Is Antho is the second studio album by the Italian indie-rock band "My Name Is Antho". It was released on 18th July 2014 in the United Kingdom and three days later in all over the world.
The album was produced by Antonio Pugliese.
My Name Is Antho'​s 12 tracks were released.
The album was recorded all over to Antonio's home, he mixed and mastered all tracks. At the beginning Antonio played the bass tracks, but after meet Giovanni he decided that he could play the tracks with his ideas and new arrangements. The drum part were written by Antonio.
In the september 2014 Antonio meet Leo and he starts to play the drums.
No was released a Deluxe edition.

Singles : "Was over" and "Everything's for you"
Videos: "Was over" and "Everything's for you" make in London at Hyde Park, released on 28th September 2014.
Curiosity: in "Everything's for you" video Antonio play a new guitar, just bought before, 'cause he doesn't have his guitar with him . The video was made only by a GoPro camera, the scenes was filmed by Antonio's wife and his friend Claudio.


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