Band: My Sunday Spleen / Alternative Rock
Album Title: Before
Format: CD / Digital
Producer: Massimo Bignotti


Produced by Massimo Bignotti | Recorded by Massimo Bignotti at Ritmo & Blu Studios (Pozzolengo, BS) assisted by Stefano Castagna.
Additional recording at the mai tai studio (Milano) assisted by Gianluca Mancini | Mixed by Massimo Bignotti
Mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts Studios

Musicians: Lead Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lap Steel, Vincenzo De Tommaso | Drums, Percussions, Walter Mammoliti |Bass, Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Effects, Armando Trivellini
Paolo Peroni, Drums on “Before” and “Blue Bell”.

All songs written and arranged by Vincenzo De Tommaso except "Yoo-hoo!" lyrics, written by Armando Trivellini, "The Sailor" lyrics written by Vincenzo De Tommaso and Armando Trivellini and "Willie" lyrics written by Vincenzo De Tommaso and Armando Trivellini.

Art Direction and Design: Graziano Losa
Cover Photograph: Graziano Losa
Web Master: Pietro Robertazzi


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