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You are my tundra
that's why I'm here
without a word to say.

You are my desert plant
only a mirage
no rage
you wound with thorns my face.

I used to be your plague
from which you disinfest
the rest was only death.

Now that you are here alive
I wish you can feel
the pain
going through my veins.

I'm your tundra
there will be no more kisses
I'm pissed
but only empty bottles

I'll drink
to fare-thee-well
I wish you got an on-off switch
to keep a stiff upper lip.

But I'm this way
I don't deserve that much.
But I'm this way
I don't even know.

I'm the thundra
I am the savage
the rebel
just an angelic evil.

I've got nothing to get
I knew that you'd come back
your knees're fully scratched.

I'm your tundra
the killer of your brain
the strain
the ruler of the herd.

I'm your moorland
now that I'm done
you burn
your flames can't warm me up.

But I'm this way
I don't even know
But I'm this way
a rat in a cage
a wind destroyer
But I'm this way
without a pillar
I keep on running
in this way
I don't even know if I'm dead or I'm awake.




La canzone THUNDRA si trova nell'album HALE - BOPP uscito nel 2015 per Ikebana Records.

Copertina dell'album HALE - BOPP, di NANAI

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