NEBRA - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Past



Credits Past

Valerio Bianchi - chitarre e voce
Valerio Frigerio - basso
Stefano Madone - batteria
Filippo Pedretti - violino
Irina Solinas - Violoncello

Testo della canzone


the wasted time to follow
rails set like a stone
our freedom sold to their law
I think on my own
In flames I'll try to glow
eternal flames will burn even tomorrow
in flames, on my own

the past behind, the future in front of me
redemption's time is running too fast,
the hourglass of time writhes inside of me
fuck, anyway I will return dust

the void inside my hollow
fills till the overflow
our bodies left to the crows
just bad feed and bones
In flames is my throne
I chose to take off that crown of pain thorns
in flames on my own

Album che contiene Past

album DIVE ep - NEBRADIVE ep
2015 - Rock, Alternativo
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