2018 - Metal, Alternativo


Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by NEBULAE with Giovanni Di Fusco at Studio 12, Falciano (Italy)

A Nebula accompanies and cradles the stars at their birth, a natural behavior, colors, clouds of gas and dust, generated by the evolution in ovulation, a mother above our heads, parallel and immensely is part of the man. Only shades of sublime beauty from unexpected forms.... Scanning the horizon, after the sea and the land, slides the stars.


Formed in 2014 in Caserta, Italy. Nebulae was at its early days an all female band. After parting ways with former members, singer Miriam Granatello hired Antonio Masciandaro (bass), Eduardo Mazza (guitar) and Alfonso Mocerino (Drums) in 2017 to start the production of the band’s debut album ‘Carbon’ due out in spring 2018.

The band’s first EP ‘Etere’ came out in 2014. A concept project that took themes from science, universe and nebulae where the band takes its name. Soon after the release, the band goes across its first lineup change which led them to left behind the original all-female band project. 2015 is a great year for the south-italy’s quartet as they share the stage with the like of Destrage, Infected Rain, Stormlord, Crazy Town, Cadaveria and The Contortionist.

In 2017 Nebulae returns to the studio to start working on the new record with his all new line up and ferocious new sound. 2018 the band releases the title-track of the new album ‘Carbon’ along.

Line up:
Miriam Granatello - Vocals
Eduardo Mazza - Guitar
Antonio Masciandaro - Bass
Alfonso Mocerino - Drums


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