Necrodeath - Fathers testo lyric


Listen, how you who reside beyind space and time
Endless realm, where the triplex golden star shines solitary and miserable man
Give up your spirit, miserable man, who nothing shades
Wonder through the endless desert solitary and miserable man
Beyond dimension, beyond space and through the most infinitive void
This is the origin of your past the origin that comes from nothing
Where life blows tis breath and death dominates look at the lost real; it disappeared
Master of time - living in the dark
Don't try to cross the infernal abyss the key is hidden in yourself
This is the origin of your past the ancient knows the way to inhebriate your fragile soul
Where life blows it's breath and death dominates where the red sky vomits cold flames
Eternity will never end and time will never fall
This is the voice of the ancient and of their race they are the fathers...


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La canzone Fathers si trova nell'album Mater of all evil uscito nel 1999 per Scarlet.

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