Necrodeath - Iconoclast testo lyric


This is my revenge full of bloody hate
Against the unholy and false words of god
Warrior of hell, adverse to the sacred, iconoclast
Black fallen angel, I fight and destroy
When I'll find heaven, I'll announce my last war
ZAZAS, NASTANADA, hell - seven deaths
Cry, breaking out the holy silence of the place
Devoted to the malignant and soldier of disgust
Warrior of hell, adverse to the sacred, iconoclast
None of you can't bring me down and stop my mission
Fight and destroy the image of the redeemer
But you dance inthe heaven Lord Satan, without god you're the new possessor out of the flames of dying, now you govern
And judge in the name of those that have acted for you setting on fire the holy images, glory to the master risen from
Darkness, wake up!
Waiting the final war, waiting the last bell, like flames of hell like warrior I die


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La canzone Iconoclast si trova nell'album Mater of all evil uscito nel 1999 per Scarlet.

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