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Descrizione a cura della band

Produced by No Frontiers.
Engineered and mixed by Ettore Pessotto.
Additional engineering and mastering by Luca Liviero.
Produced, mixed and mastered at Bios Music, Solaro, Milan.
Performed by No Frontiers.
Song writing and arrangements by No Frontiers.
Artwork photograph by Riccardo May.
Font owned by Michael Tension.


Riccardo May: vocals, guitars.
Alessandro Canegallo: vocals, guitars.
Ettore Pessotto: bass, backing vocals, synths, programming.
Daniele Canegallo: drums, backing vocals.
Additional background sounds on "Hiccups" recored at "Toso", Gothenburg, Sweden.
"Hobo Soul" features vocals performed by Violet Burns.
"Semplice" from 2'33" features guitars performed by Pietro Quilichini.


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