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Descrizione Frames Of Memory feat Federica

Federico Lucas Pezzetta

Credits Frames Of Memory feat Federica

Voce e Chitarra: Federico Lucas Pezzetta
Arrangiamenti: Francesco Catitti e Federico Lucas Pezzetta

Testo della canzone

Close to the sky I was terrified
These are the beats that keeps me alive
Far from this bed I recognize myself
Is this the end?

I'm just living in a lie
Life seems so clear tonight
These are frames of memory
So close your eyes
Don't hold me tight and let me
Fly away
Until I'm with you

Strange memories
A question lying
Same face, same tears
No love behind
Before I go
I want you to know
You are a line in my life

I need to chase my dreams
My time is running out
And my memories are lost in the void
Like the catcher in the rye
My life is now, my bed is sweet
Sweet as
The last time we made love
Deep in my heart
I wore a mask
And that was my worst crime
My worst crime
My worst crime

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