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Descrizione Rise Again

Federico Lucas Pezzetta

Credits Rise Again

Voce e Chitarra: Federico Lucas Pezzetta
Chitarra Addizionale: Andrea Lamusta

Arrangiamenti: Federico Lucas Pezzetta e Francesco Catitti

Testo della canzone

Jenny has lost her life inside of my pain
This empty bottle it's now fading away
I'm swimming through this mirror since the last time
That I say my future into the nowhere

Black clouds embrace my own breath

I will rise again today
And the earth will open up
When you least expect it I'll be next to you
Timeless again
I'm waiting for your call
And when the pale moon disappear
We will wake up in someone else's dream to feel alive

Now I can get up on my feet again
The blood flows in the veins, am I awake again?
Your destiny is lying on a dirty carpet
Playing it's hardest game

I'm just a few steps from the cliff

I'm waiting for a secret that you know
I'm so tired of running away
From the most important things for me
You can trust me now
Our life is growing but we still feel young
Our flight will never end today
We're just burning the sky together
I'm dying to see you again
Dying in my dreams tonight

Album che contiene Rise Again

album The Story Begins With... OfficiaLucasChannel
The Story Begins With... 2015 - Rock, Pop, Pop rock

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