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Testo della canzone

I live in the place where no one wants to live
I live in the place where everyone comes back to die
I live in the place where there’s nothing to do
And where everybody got something to say

The place in November freeze all your bones
The air all around stinks of graves
The place where the people are scared to breathe
The river you better not go fishing in

Not every song sings about love
Not everyone wants to sing about love

But everybody needs to come back
Everybody needs his old friends
The air smells of lime wood in summer
You can still see rabbits running free
You can see them run free in the meadows

Every song sings about love
Everyone wants to tell about love

Album che contiene The Place

album The Human Eater Turbine - VOODOOThe Human Eater Turbine
2015 - Rock, Blues, Alternativo
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