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Testo della canzone

As fast as he could, with seven arms and a half
Spilling blood everywhere and cowering sometimes
On the sand hills, through the countryside, on the green field cared by the razors

Another push, another meter, another minute
and his dream will become true
and he will see the spiers of his blue castle

Another push, another breath, another cloud of sand
and the people will rejoice
and he will hug his bride again

His vision is obscured, he has lost too much blood
Watches the razor-farmers dissolve in a flurry of green and sandy grey

Now he can hear the bells of the church, he can see everything is ready
In a blue sunny day he would marry his love, like this one.

He closed his eyes for the last time and his last thought was:
“I hope in the existence of a god of cephalopods, who can walk
on the shores and save my soul. I hope he will protect my reign
from the nets of the pink mammals, damned fish eaters”.

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album The Crystal Dream Of King Octopus Oktopus Provance
The Crystal Dream Of King Octopus 2014 - Sperimentale, Rock, Psichedelia

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