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Testo della canzone

The atmosphere seems different now, the sand is rougher, the water is saltier
A voice from inside: open your eyes now
No walls, no jars, not even a ceiling
cubic meters of ocean as far as eyes can see

Confused by years of imprisonment tries to hear what his instinct suggests
There’s nothing he remembers, he can’t see the spiers of his palace of blue rocks

Maybe it’s time to be carried by the current
Maybe it’s time to admit that you’re far from your land
Maybe it’s time to became an animal
Maybe it’s time to move some sand

No teaches to remind, no experience can drive him now
Lost in an unknown world and without any story to tell

Album che contiene Dipping

album The Crystal Dream Of King Octopus Oktopus Provance
The Crystal Dream Of King Octopus 2014 - Sperimentale, Rock, Psichedelia

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