Oktopus Provance - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Food chains



Testo della canzone

Moves, moves, moves his eight blue arms
Swims into the unknown in this new savage world
Each rock hides a danger
The current is not so hot and slips off
Fast through the sea’s landscapes

After miles, time, hours, spaces
The King stops to cry his homesick
and from behind a bush a eel came out
scared and trembling with fear

The next was a tale of food chains and questions
on the world, few answers and wonder
The King was said to be a predator in the cruel ocean
The fishes should tremble in front of him, witty haunter
and smart in ambush.
But the King was goodhearted and never had eaten a creature.

Now friends, tail fin and tentacle had a handshake
And swimming in the water sought the way to the palace

Now friends, tail fin and tentacle carried on together
And swimming in the seaweed, came to a marine wreck

But crouched in the shades a big hammerhead shark
Jumped out of the blue and eaten the eel up.

That’s the chain, accept it, that’s the chain get over it
That’s the chain, don’t stand still

Album che contiene Food chains

album The Crystal Dream Of King Octopus - Oktopus ProvanceThe Crystal Dream Of King Octopus
2014 - Sperimentale, Rock, Psichedelico
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