Old 7 Years - Testo Lyrics Wake Up

Descrizione Wake Up

Brano dedicato all'ascoltatore: "...svegliati, non farti controllare, crea tutti i giorni qualcosa di nuovo".

Testo della canzone

Here we are with the champagne in that bottle
Now you are just thinking: what the hell is going on?

Wake up
Wake up

All I have to think about i show I felt once
When I had my gun pushing my right temple

Wake up
Wake up

You are still looking for an answer that will never appear
You are still waiting for that head shot that will make your mind clear

Wake up
Wake up

What about understand the shit we are living in?
They want us dead, put the gun down and let you breath

Album che contiene Wake Up

album Broken Mirror - Old 7 YearsBroken Mirror
2010 - Metal, Hard Rock, Black metal
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