Old Sock

Descrizione a cura della band

Old Sock is a musical group formed by English singer-songwriter Benjamin Walker, who lives in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna.
The style is English pop/rock with soul influences; some listeners have said Old Sock sounds like David Bowie, Orange Juice/Edwyn Collins, the Verve, and Psychedelic Furs. You can make up your own mind.
Old Sock’s debut album ‘Find Another Sky’ was recorded at Modulab Studios in Casalecchio and features the considerable talents of Emilio Pugliese (drums), Luca Leprotti (bass, guitars, engineering and mixing), Marco Biscarini (concert piano, Rhodes piano) and special guest Sergio Carlini who plays some fabulous Neil Young/ Tom Verlaine-style guitar on two songs (London Town and Coke & Rum).
The album features eleven original songs, eight written by Benjamin, who plays guitar and piano, and three by his brother Julian Walker, another talented and distinctive lead guitarist.
The album is a rich and varied musical experience that was recorded quickly and mostly live. ‘Find Another Sky’ by Old Sock is released in November 2015.
To promote the album Benjamin and Emilio have been joined by bass player Antonello Mauro (Joy Cut) to play live as a power pop trio.
Old Sock is the near-translation of Calzavecchio, the neighbourhood where the Old Sock album was made.


Benjamin Walker - Voce, Chitarra
Emilio Pugliese - Batteria
Antonello Mauro - Basso


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