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Humankind is the album that absorbs alternative rock as a whole, from its deepest origins to its most experimental phases. Every bit of the project is a manifesto of evocative acoustics and atmospheres capable of transmitting a clear message, the one contained in the lyrics of this new work by Oldthink.
It's an experiment for the masses facing a subjective truth, a self-discovery journey proving how -willing or not- we are all undeniably governed by what surrounds us.
Welcome to the sound of uncomfortable truths and fake hopes - that's an inner war, that's Humankind.


Oldthink. is:

Voice/Lead Guitar/Piano Synth: Lorenzo Pascazi (The Pretender.)
Back Voice/Rythm Guitar: Alessandro Sassano (Caligine)
Drums/E-Drums/Back Voice: Davide De Santis
Guitar Bass: Davide Falso

Producer: Francesco Grammatico
Recorded at: DB Recording Studios

Immages & Videos Copyrights: ROSECREANCE PHOTOGRAPY (Bogdan Vieru)
Album Artwork: Federico Leggi

Other Info:
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