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Grazie a Stefano Lori per aver ideato e registrato la linea della seconda chitarra.

Testo della canzone

And again, hands on your forehead.
Can't believe that's all what's left.
You fought hard to be what you are
No one can now steal your future.

And you refuse to put on a shelf
Your life, it's time for the best yourself
To make up for all mistakes from past.
Here comes your time, here is a mess.

This time they all know that
We're not going to sit back.

Cuz it's time to pay them back,
To make up for their indecent crack.
A whole generation came undone,
Where do they think they will head
Once that we are done?

Don't sit back
Cuz it's time to change, to hack  
This blasted system and its lack
Of fairness, we'll make it bleed to death.
Try to wonder where we'll head
Once that we are done!

Twenty years was not enough
For them to say "We cannot bluff.
Stop with pushing fault back and forth,
Let's do it right or we're all going to fall."

A  time to bleed, a time to sin,
Now looking back after all that's been,
No wonder if the world is on fire,
The time is up, they got us tired.

Hurry up to be the change around,
Here the world is still waiting for that.
We don't wanna fall down to the ground.
Cuz this time we are not sitting back.

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album Assault On Future - One Equals TwoAssault On Future
2012 - Grunge, Alternativo, Acustico
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