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Credits Drained of Yourself

Grazie a Stefano Lori per aver ideato e registrato la linea della seconda chitarra.

Testo della canzone

You keep your eyes on what's beautiful,
No matter what is the cost.
I swear I never meant you so pitiful
As I'm now in wonder of how you got lost.

And you keep on falling,
You keep on falling far from my faith.

Some say you know what you stand for
While I think you lick drops from the soil;
Making yourself be someone's whore,
Agreeing to be their luxurious toy.

And you got used,
You got abused until you'll get

Drained of your feeling, drained of yourself.
Too drained to believe in love while your half
Feels now compelling, but that's a life theft.
You think you're free though you've been left on a shelf.

You used to be so pretty and faithful
But your greed exceeds now you in all.
You will have all the time in the world
To damn the day you didn't say no.

And you're left to choose
Just how to be used.

You know you had much more, go away.
You know you were much more, stay away.
You know you have much less, go away.
You have been such a mess, stay away.

Album che contiene Drained of Yourself

album Assault On Future - One Equals TwoAssault On Future
2012 - Grunge, Alternativo, Acustico
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