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We let it all fall, we let it go.
It ain't easy to take control.
Take control.. Take control
On your everlasting lows,
Before everything get grouse,
It's getting grouser everyday.

But it's easy to be posers
Everything's at our disposal,
Every wish has been unleashed
To make you crave, who's then to blame?

But it's easy to be faking
All our needs, we need to brake  
Into the desparation left
By our demanding. We're all to blame.

But it's cheesy to be broken
Truth should not be left unspoken
We're not here to wash our tears
Away to make it through these days.

And we keep to get drowning
Down the greed that we own
Well, here I'm not having fun,
Starving souls and their fever
Left to crave... What's the matter?
Does anybody care at all?

We let it come, we let it go,
All the deploration we own..
We owe ourselves a little more.
Try not be what you've been told.
Do you feel this swetting cold?
This time you try to make it useful.

Well I don't think we'll ever score...
Fed up and too lazy to be what we ought
To be to change this godamn world.
They packed you well , they packed your will,
And left to choose what they've chosen
For you to keep you under control.

Album che contiene Posers

album Assault On Future - One Equals Two
Assault On Future 2012 - Grunge, Alternativo, Acustico

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