One Equals Two See For Ever Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

One Equals Two See For Ever Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Grunge, Alternativo 




Testo della canzone

Never seen birds flying higher
Than what they're supposed to.
Never felt more insecure
Than what a man ought to.
There's a limit I can't hold more
Than what I do, that's sure,
I want you to know.
So please now go, stop the bleeding
Of my bruises of my feeling,
That's what I'm made of.

It's falling all around our world,
Watch our race go down the hole we dig.
Conceived such an end and held
All the sorrow we're all intended to bear.

There's everything, well, more..
Than what we'll ever be able to waste.
If anything can go wrong, then it will...
And you know the taste,
When you try to do your best
It ends up you got impressed,
By someone clever than you.
But there's something we want more,
To be immortal, is there who can deny it?

Blue is all that I could see till now
You know it's true,
We descend from the stars.
By now it's up to you.
The moment we could live together
Ain't that blue
If only I could see for ever..

Album che contiene See For Ever

album Assault On Future - One Equals Two
Assault On Future 2012 - Grunge, Alternativo, Acustico

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