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We have always thought He could be the one
To save us from the bad things we've said and done.
But all of the mess all around is a creed,
And all they can think of is we have enemies.
Not that much for all the good things I have seen.

A losing behavior is all I see, there's more than this to be though.

All in all, simple lovers is what we can merely be.
Beating hard, until we get what we want to believe in.
Leading us to a greedy nonsense throwing the faith we own away
To feel safe one more day within a fake, plastic society.

Sick of it all... I'm sick of it all.

I wish I could pack up and then head on my way.
Leaving all those freaks beating each other down.
But all I can think of is we've duties here,
Making the man understand how to feel
When facing bad and evil, has its consequence.

Not to much to think to me, but how sure is that...

Album che contiene Simple Lovers

album Assault On Future - One Equals Two
Assault On Future 2012 - Grunge, Alternativo, Acustico

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