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There is nothing they can do
To tell the world that this is you
Who made them finally losing control.
There’s a boy who eyes the sky,
Arms wide open, gets inspired
While Rome is suddenly set on fire.

But you keep steady,
Stay focused on

Leading the movement,
Seeding the sharing.
Freezing the augment
Of black blocks scaring
The strain of evolution
As peaceful as ready
To seek for a solution,
Go make them fading.

There’s a cop laying on the ground,
It’s like a bomb that makes no sound
Given that he’s a man with no fault,
The same as you, the same as me.
Civilian left with only three
Fingers, tried to demonstrate.
Now’s a nightmare.

Now tv’s got a lot to talk about
To point the finger on the spot.
Where the hell are all right questions?

It’s only you, it’s only me,
Who smell the rotten, ain’t it cheap?
A controlled system, that’s what it is.

Album che contiene Steady

album Assault On Future - One Equals Two
Assault On Future 2012 - Grunge, Alternativo, Acustico

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