Descrizione a cura della band

Eudemonic is a journey, is the flight of the phoenix that falls, dies and rises back to life from its own ashes, ready to fly again.

Eudemonic is a deep introspective autobiography of those who created the music and lyrics.

Eudemonic is a sincere and painful journey, but it is also an opening toward that hope we`re trying to keep alive, like a tiny flame in the storm.

Eudemonic is a chapter, a phase, a circle sometimes turning into a loop.

Eudemonic is written and played with a hand on heart by people who want to share, maybe as a “therapy”, their experiences, both those they lived and what they couldn't live at all, driving the listener into a journey, in a dream, to the passage from darkness to light.


Andy Soresina (guitars), Elia Fagnani (bass), Mattia Sciutti (drums), Mauro Mazzara (vocals).

Recorded and mixed by Rex Caruso at Black Noise Studio, Milan.
Mastered by Danilo Di Lorenzo at Moon House Studio, Milan.


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