Descrizione a cura della band

Opium Dream Estate (O.D.E.) is a musical project based in Paris, France, founded in november 2006 by singer/multi-instrumentalist Sébastyén D. (also involved in The Funeral Warehouse, Saison De Rouille, Vostok Station and running Seventh Crow Records). Though Opium Dream Estate’s sound is rather difficult to describe as it is filled with many influences (ethereal, goth, neofolk, indie, neoclassical, etc.), it can be identifiable as (mainly) ethereal and neofolk.


Released 06 November 2014

All songs by Sébastyén D., except "Solitude", written by Black Sabbath and "Celebrate", written by Fields of the Nephilim.
Track 1 and 4, written for Inès Desorages.
Artwork by Jonathan Banzet

Recorded in the Seventh Crow Studios
Mixed and mastered by Sébastyén D.
Produced by Sébastyén D.


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