Descrizione a cura della band

With their debut album "Unbound ep." the Orfeo's Dreams offer a musical journey which will take the listener to loose himself in the dark and in melancholic sounds.
The record’s opening song, ‘Ship to dreams’ made in collaboration with director and friend Davide Schipani, is an ode to the dream and the journey where you can sense the influence of dub, especially Italian, and trip hop.
‘The journey of my heart’ the second song of the album, still marks the theme of travel. The journey of the heart that each one of us lives and experiences, to travel to their place of rest and tranquility. The piece shows the contribution of Marco Morelli at the decks, who mezmorises the listener with his wicked scratching.
‘Moving unbound’ written with Cesare Clausi, tells the musical journey on the waves that accompany us in a movement without constraints and obstacles of any kind. A free movement of the soul taken away from the land on which it is forced, by the music.


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