Sound Na Kanji

Sound Na Kanji

pablo raster

2017 - Reggae, Elettronica


Sound Na Kanji rapresent the meeting between two european artists, Pablo Raster and AntZoni Rubio, making a Dub tribute to Japan.
A modern, electronic sound with deep influences of future dub, but also with sounds from traditional japanese music culture. Lyrics in japanese, talking about life and society, Sound Na Kanji is the perfect point between European and Japanese dub. 10 heavy dub stepper tracks to listen in your car, dance in front of a sound system, share with your friends.

release date: 12th June 2017

download it from


Produced by Pablo Raster
vocals by AntZoni Rubio
Melodica and percussions by Armin
Mastering by Simone Squillario
Graphics by Xavi Serra
Shodo by Eiko Iwaki


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