Palmer Generator - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Awaken



Testo della canzone

Run, run, fast like the wind
I feel pain on my muscles
My breath is so heavy
I never turn back my look
I always look at the horizon
And contract all my legs …
A jump and another.

Run, run, fast like the wind
No more pain on my muscles
I wonder where the others are
Did they succeed in escaping?
Maybe they’re running like me
Maybe they’re watching the horizon …
A jump and another …

A sharp pain at the back
That suddenly rise on the spine
I can’t contract my muscles
I fall down in a thick dusty cloud
In a moment only fangs
Heavy jerk on the whole body
But there’s no more pain
My look is slowly dimming…

The breath breaks down !

Then … Only the wind.

This is your world
Are you awaken ?!


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