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Panoram presents his new album 'Background Story' - the successor to his blissed-out debut 'Everyone Is A Door' on the inimitable Firecracker Recordings. Released on his own Wandering Eye imprint, this new work is a meditation on the nature of memories and reality, each song digging deeper into the mind in the search for fragmentary details.

Panoram explains: "This process is an unpredictable journey in which we face a complex puzzle made by our own manipulations. Mood swings can make our minds questioning what we thought it was "real". We can get easily lost among the infinite levels of reality."

Opener 'Mind Puncture' sets out the stall for proceedings with spaced out filter-sweeps and mournful waves of guitar feedback, like some slow motion Angelo Badalamenti love scene, 'Black Milk Shower''s triumphant synth figure, soothing strings and crunchy pitched drums create a tripped out balearic vision, which directly contrasts the heartbreaking simplicity of the title track - a delicate piano paen that aches with melancholy. Closer 'You Are Correctly Lost' is a lush interstellar ballad to bring down the curtain, all cosmic synth swathes and celestial guitar drenched in plate

The off-kilter beauty on the surface of Panoram's music belies the undercurrent of curdled visions and nightmares that reside below, indeed his music has once been described as sounding "like a painting by Edward Hopper hanging in the living room of Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway".


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