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Paolo Apollo Negri – A Bigger Tomorrow

At last the epic solo debut by the Link Quartet’s keyboard genius. Released on the 5th Anniversary of “Beat.It”, Hammondbeat’s very first release.

2007 | CD+DIGITAL | HBR009 | 31-OCT-2007 | Hammondbeat Records [USA]


01 – Applecore
02 – Big City
03 – Can’t Get Satisfied
04 – Let the Sun Catch You Sleepin’
05 – Mr. & Mrs. Thunderbird
06 – 3 in a Bed
07 – Closer
08 – A Slice of Funk!
09 – Miss Cherry
10 – Point of Intersection
11 – Under the Rain, Waiting for You
12 – Orange Peel
13 – Old Grand Dad
14 – Song for My Father
15 – Filtersweeping, Mommy is Weeping


Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards
“Dynamite” Mads Nielson: guitar
Dave Wilkinson: guitar
David Indio: percussion
Doug Roberson: guitar
Duncan Kennedy: guitar
Eddie Roberts: guitar
Enri: keyboards
Gerry Germann: guitar
Giulio “Link” Cardini: guitar
Justin Dodsworth: keyboards
Kikko Montefiori: sax
Lucio Calegari: guitar
Marco Tansini: guitar
Mark Claydon: percussion
Max Paparella: keyboards
Nasser Bouzida: percussion
Richard W. Rinn: vocals
Ryan Richardson: spoken words
Saule Richardson: spoken words
Andrea “Gas” Gastaldon: sax
Cyril Jean: flute
Simone Modicamore: guitar
Steve Burke: guitar
Teresa Reeves-Gilmer: vocals
Tony “Face” Bacciocchi: percussion
Nicola Bernardoni: drums
Vittorio Solinas: drums


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