album une ode au toy piano - Paq

Paq une ode au toy piano

2007 - Sperimentale, Elettronico, Acustico

Descrizione a cura della band

The first MonsterK7′s compilation is a compilation dedicated to Toy Piano. Released as a tape (sold out), this release is now available as a free download on Monster K7 website:


Artists: Aliplays, Bertram Wooster, The Boom and the Arty, Jeffrey Butzer, Cosmo Helectra, Monsieur Free, K., Kawaii, Moujik, Toy Piano Fanfare, Pequena Fiera, Top Montagne, Toy Fight, Snugtrio, Twink, Michael Wookey, Noah Glenn, The Appreciation Society and Paq.


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