Pashmak - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Douglas



Testo della canzone


Looking down the mountains
there were labyrinths and
we were running down,
you like the cherry on that tree.

I called you and you were close to me,
no letters, words, possessions,
no movements of the cup
but I saw you in the corner with the witches.

We lighted the candles,
wrote the numbers on the trees,
keep our hands and protect your feet.

It’s the judgment
and the calling,
the beginning,
the rebirth,
never too late
to be born again outside the everyday,
sun over me.


Looking down the mountains
there’s a crowd but
nothing can matter
if I could switch off the brain
I can separate.

Once upon a time you asked me:
“About what do you care?”

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album Let The Water Flow - PashmakLet The Water Flow
2015 - Pop, Elettronico, Alternativo
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