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Testo della canzone


Tell this to somebody
that I know that anybody
knows the ropes.

I know a thing or two
of you, you and you,
I know the ropes.

The swinging of boats on saltish water
when all the knots come to the comb
I see little fishes eating themselves
under water.

You were sitting on the collapsed dock
green water
red coat.

The swinging of rotten poles
reminds me of the fear of things go
the sun fades behind the quarry
It’s your autonomy you show.

We walked in balance on rotten boards
It’s your autonomy you show
I know the ropes.

I deceived myself with sailor’s oaths
without knowing Japan seas,
It’s your autonomy you show
I know the ropes

I know your entangled ropes.

Album che contiene Ropes

album Let The Water Flow - PashmakLet The Water Flow
2015 - Pop, Elettronico, Alternativo
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