Pashmak Somersault Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Pashmak Somersault Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Elettronico, Alternativo 

Milano, Lombardia



Testo della canzone

Somersault I fell now from the bottom
to the bottom
under the bottom
I made a perfect trick for sure
I’m an acrobatic
You’re soporiferous,
and soldering your love with your anger
You make me nervous
I’m in passive defense against the enemy I love
I put on the sordine, I can’t hear your
screams in my head
on my shoulders in my hands,
I’m powerless in front of my head
I feel like
Powerless in front of my head.
Separation from the lights
I forgot to think twice
before leaving the time for you to say the same.
Separation from the blames
before asking me the same
think twice again, again, again.
Separation from the sun
It’s the sun that makes me obsessed
by you, me you, me and you.
Separation from the sun
sometimes let me breathe enough
to ride the tide
ride the time
find the light
in this life
I found Lucifer on my street,
we started dancing wearing chains.
I’m powerless in front of my head.

Album che contiene Somersault

album Let The Water Flow - Pashmak
Let The Water Flow 2015 - Pop, Elettronico, Alternativo

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