Pashmak - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Ulysses



Testo della canzone


I’ve got some lies my dear
they’re siren’s songs.

When I row the boat towards the shore
my ebony raft.

When I see the rotten ropes
I sail with the high tide.

I must wake up
a sip of the sea
the ambrosia of the sinking sailors.

A cheer for the silence,
one for the reef,
the last for the stars.

Waves must be jumped seven times
dressing in white.

It’s whispered that the tide brings you back
but the back has gone.

The white care of the sail and the
abyssal dives,
I rise in the profundities.

Come on.

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album Let The Water Flow - PashmakLet The Water Flow
2015 - Pop, Elettronico, Alternativo
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