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I keep the lid on my world,
the rest doesn't matter to me.
You dip a sugar cube into my cup
watching how it soaks up tea.
Silence. No bridges are connecting us.
A whistle motif outside.
I rip up the bread for the sparrows
waiting or dying in the snow.
These notes exist scattered somewhere,
waiting for the one who will put them in order
in the same way, at the same time.
I'm waiting to breath your smell of guilt.
You start crying, telling me your dirty deed.
I won't give up on us, you know.
Don't be afraid of these
somber times, everything will be alright.
I'll blanket you with my red eyes.


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La canzone Somber Times si trova nell'album Sleeping Beauty uscito nel 2015 per La famosa etichetta Trovarobato, Malintenti Dischi, Bomba Dischi.

Copertina dell'album Sleeping Beauty, di persian pelican

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