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Leaders and cancers are the same
They are our enemies, our pain
They are the beast we have to face
Such a great disgrace for the human race

Ok, these words might be so strong
And tell me please if I go wrong
But I can't stand the way we live
We exchange our lives with something we don't need,
And this something kills

It's not that hard to understand
We're all the same, women and men
We could be rich and safe and good
But we're still poor and sick
Cause "we might" and "we could"..

Oh we can change, I do believe,
One by one the way we live
If everyone will move a step
We will walk together on Freedom's Path

Album che contiene Freedom's path

album Rockit Vol.52 2013 Compilation Phill Reynolds
Compilation - Rockit Vol.52 2013 Compilation 2013 - Rock, Psichedelia, Alternativo

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