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I wish you were here now,
To touch the lonliness to see you from above//
How far can i go? Am i uncompromise?//
And what, If i fell right now from the stage?

Get me out of here

And you are there, you lookin at me//
from the middle, of the crowd//
You gettin close, be careful now//
what if you were me,
i would be there?//
We are gettin serious,
is that you my lonliness//

Get me out of here

look straight to my eyes,
come on hold my hands//
not now, keep your eyes away//
please human, let your hands off X 2 //

Get me out of here

i am still the king of the square
and all the crowd is lookin at me
i’m not devil i’m not evil
you know who i am
i’m the riflection in your eyes, hope you understand
and the words of your mind
the thoughts in your head
i’m God don’t you see
my blood is flowin
and by my knees i’m blowin


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Paolo Fioretti


La canzone Out Of Here si trova nell'album TRIAGE uscito nel 2018 per Rough Trade.

Copertina dell'album TRIAGE, di The Gentlemens

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