The Gentlemens - Second Coming testo lyric


In a little town of a nowhere place
There’s a lady, she’s a goodlooking face
She used to said PAPA, come with me
they said, MAMA you gonna broke my knees

one day the angel came through the dream
and touch her tommy with a baby tree
Some times later she had the great news
She run to PAPA to tell him the rules

can you hear me??

She said LORD didn’t left us alone
and papa said YES, your will be done
BROTHERS AND SISTERS , Spread the second coming
BROTHERS AND SISTERS, Spread the secon coming

But when the people, began to know the son
They stress him with prayers, of selfcare love
He changed time, the weather and woke up the dead
And the poor were still last but with rich hands

Can you hear me??

I’m the savior and YOU people stress me up
I’ve got enought he said and i’m fucked up
I let explode the moon and the ocean now has got the rule
And i let all all the tides swept away for all your looser prays



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Paolo Fioretti


La canzone Second Coming si trova nell'album TRIAGE uscito nel 2018 per Rough Trade.

Copertina dell'album TRIAGE, di The Gentlemens

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