The Gentlemens She Made Me Hard Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

The Gentlemens She Made Me Hard Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Indie, Alternativo 

Ancona, Marche


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Descrizione She Made Me Hard

Paolo Fioretti

Testo della canzone

Sweat of the midtime dance
Tears of a permanent cramp
Chords from the heartbeat fall
Guess what i’m going to heard and see

There’s no black or white touch
There’s no coloured things i’ve got
In the grey of mymind i look
And there’s just one thing it seem was good

she made me hard

It’s seems i’m going to live
For the night i supposed to be
Should it be my last pray or my last request
Baby hope you guess i am

I’m last minute impostor of the crowd
I’m the king of this chair i sit
While i forget all my mediocrity
I make what i supposed to be

she made me hard

Album che contiene She Made Me Hard

album TRIAGE - The Gentlemens
TRIAGE 2019 - Punk, Indie, Alternativo Rough Trade

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