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Credits Everywhere But Home

music: Fox, Minus, Ste / words: Fox

Testo della canzone

I got a ticket to the Other Side of the Moon,
and if you want me to do something special with you,
here's a ticket for two to the Other Side of the Moon

Everyday, all the time, waste your time
trying to show what you're worth, blow the evidence
Everything that you do, they don't care,
same old story, blow the evidence

Away is all I ever want to be,
my way is far away from this city,
I'm not coming back until it understands
the need to stop dying

Today, to find my way
seems more difficult than I expected
Right now, I don't know how
but all I need is to be Everywhere But Home

Album che contiene Everywhere But Home

album Polarbeers Polarbeers
Polarbeers 2013 - Rock

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