Polarbeers Pray Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Polarbeers Pray Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Punk, Progressive 

Milano, Lombardia


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Credits Pray

music: Fox, Minus, Paul / words: Fox

Testo della canzone

Goodbye, this time
See you yesterday,
I see no other way

This time I think I found the
way I was strugglin' for
Don't try to change my mind
I ain't in charge no more
Forget the sorrow now,
don't let this takeoff take you down

We used to feel like this
long long time ago
Remember when we stood
two, three, four hours or so?
The rain was chilling us,
the sky was bruised
and so I thought

why do we have to keep on
behaving like this?
Why don't we just drink something
together and play?
They would be satisfied
They would be telling us

Don't wait for me,
don't pray for me
I'm not coming back soon

Don't pray for me,
don't wait for me
I won't be back at all

Fly, dive into water with my wooden wings
the sound we make is nothing to believe

is all I ever want to see on your face
assembling to remember me

Album che contiene Pray

album Polarbeers - Polarbeers
Polarbeers 2013 - Rock

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