Descrizione a cura della band

Polpette is a two-man show, composed of the delectable Enrico Pattaro and Alberto Dalla Zuanna. Their four track EP, wittily named ‘Paul Pet in Suit,’ is DhARMA’s fifth release, and one of elegant substance. Outlandishly, the duo has swayed from macabre electronica to humble Folktronica in this charming bundle.

Each track is simply beautiful yet beautifully simple and bears a whispering confidence in its own skin. The EP depicts a story of melancholic happiness, each fragment defining a moment in time, of a distant journey that has come and gone.


Cover Art: The incredibly talented Famous When Dead has designed 005s lovely art. (
All tracks written and produced by Enrico Pattaro and Alberto Dalla Zuanna.
Our super nice amigo, Rob Small, has done his magic on all of the tracks in Polpette's release with the exception of Tracks 01 + 04.
Cheers to all our helpers who have assisted us in this release. Hugs from Dibby, David & Ciara xxx


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