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The wounds è un album diviso in 2 ep che parla delle “ferite” che ci segnano nel corso della vita e che ci rendono unici e da cui , per andare avanti, bisogna trarne il meglio.

Part 1:
1. IT’S TOO LATE . Waiting here for too years but now i know it’s time to go
Waiting here where have you been? but now i know it’s time to go
I take my bike i take my bag it’s time to go
Rit. But it’s too late and now i get and everybody tries to know how do i feel … i don’t know
Waiting here smiles and tears but now i know it’s time to go
In these days with no sun it’s just the moon that can light my way

2. THE COWARD . She knows so many ways to hurt me but the way she loves me she knows very well man! She call it FREEDOM but it’s LONELINESS and tries to hide her tears, she will never confess.
Rit. You think i am a coward baby, but it’s not the truth . i think that you are a lonely girl and i don’t wanna mess with you.
She’s dancing on her blue and white dress while i see her smile and then she’s looking at me… so we are running into the streets of nowhere and no one ‘ll find us. We were really free.

3. STAR. Here’ s another star, bigger than the sun, shines for us but we like the dark
Rit. It’s better than you go now cause no one really cares about you. It’s better than you leave us asleep into the darkness waiting for the moon to come
We don’t need a star.
It’s better than you leave us cause we need more time to see the moon.

4. SHE’SO HEAVY. I gave her my love and i gave it all. i loved her more than i ever loved.
Rit. But for a reason i did’n know she left me alone. But for a reason that now i know she left me alone
Now i leave on my own and it’s hard to go on.
Well if you wanna the truth it’s better for me!

5. PRETTY NOISE. She made her noise but it’s so wonderful for me . whetever i try it was like no other i’ve heard.
A jump into the sea her lips when they kiss your skin… just close your eyes and feel … and let her make it over and over
Is there a way to love her and not to lose yourself?


Testi e musiche: Post Hoc. Mixato e martirizzato da Simone Martorana + Post Hoc

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