The Wounds - part2

The Wounds - part2

post hoc

2018 - Lo-Fi, Indie, Elettronica


The wounds è un album diviso in 2 ep che parla delle “ferite” che ci segnano nel corso della vita e che ci rendono unici e da cui , per andare avanti, bisogna trarne il meglio.
Part 2:

Whatever they say
whatever they want
whatever they think about you
whatever you go
whatever you walk
whatever you play
if there’s nothing to say and nothing to play and nothing to taste
and no one to pray and no one to blame and to play with
rit. SMILE! and show your wounds,
SMILE! you can be proud of these
SMILE! and brush your teeth for a perfect smile
if you say 6 but they say 9
if you see black but they see white
if you want peace and love in the earth but they want make the third world war
Inside my heart is breaking, my make up may be flaking but my smile still stays on


Traffic lights sign the beat of my life and the beat of my life is for you
Something strange from my veins to my brain takes me straight to you

Rit. Keep calm and turn me on keep calm and let me turn you on

Your green eyes are the beat of my life, try to hypnotize me if i don’t care
Something strange from my veins to my brain takes me straight to you


There are many things i wanna tell to you
But don’t ask me if it’s a lie or it’s the truth
I don’t if our love is a noise or a timeless melody i’ll play with you

Rit. And what i am and what i was before you and what i will now i don’t know
And taste the pain for my first time or taste the love for the last

Even if i’ll be 1000 years old you will always be the half of my sad soul
Everybody can hurt sometime
But you won’t understand cause you’re not there

Rit. I don’t know



i know you’re there waiting for someone else
but now you’ re here and want to know what i feel

rit .in an instant i know i’ll get you mine ( whatever you try to go away)

one day one year when love replaced the fear
but now your tears i know it’s time to disappear

we can’t forget that night and the last dawn of the summer is just for us


I was sitting on the couch while my cat was on my side watching tv all alone
Everybody was out there looking for the perfect xmas gift
While the snow covered it all
But not me waiting for you at home

Rit. Cause it’s you and no one else that i wanna be with



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