Four veterans form the past, obsessively attracted to rock’n'roll, synth pop and old memories.

Since the early rehearsal room craziness, in the deManagers’ house there’s been a play between the subtractive ‘de’ and modern time management. Some of us supported the incomprehensible Imprenditors, but we left that path for future explorations. Improvisation, composition, eclectic, sometimes strange, moods. Something always comes up from chaos. Recent history is an open project. Someone may be reminded of the indie-band Spriggan, the d’o.n.c. collective, the pseudo-dark-raver- duo Fromm, or the cult-demo band Sguastasfestes… but after all, why should they?
Four veterans form the past, obsessively attracted to the fast extinguishing ruins of rock’n'roll, motown, synth pop, blues, songwriting and old memories. All of it with no mathematical angst, only dedication to the message. Peace.

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