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I wonder what do you see in a world without discipline?
When everything disappears in your life
You'll find there is no answer


We're broken, we're not the same
We're wandering with no target

Preserve my words, incredible
Where is our pride when comes the downfall?
When everything we've been through
As the trust lies in you, is falling...
I dare you to move

We're broken, we're not the same
We're wandering with no target

Please don't come and ask me why we sink into this tide
A hole within my soul
Forget that we were safe behind the door
We can't hide anymore
We're starting to understand

We are so far gone!
Stop everything!
We're so far gone!

The sleep is over under a spell there is no pain
You say this is the end but my bleeding starts again
I wait here and no one will ever understand that fiction lies in you
When everything's gone I'll be thinking of you
I can think of yourself stand beside me, stay
For everything we've been through now stay


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La canzone So Far Gone si trova nell'album Unreal uscito nel 2017 per Routenote.

Copertina dell'album Unreal, di Prospective

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