Descrizione a cura della band

SPACE OPERA is a concept album about a character named Adam Gunn, last
descendant of an ancient race of space warriors known as Superspeeders . With
the help of his beloved Evelyn he must defeat the mysterious and ruthless Black
Hole Maker, a rebel Superspeeder converted to evil. Will he make it? And most
importantly, after this adventure will Adam still be the same?
This secret will be unveiled through 12 tracks of powerful and deadly no-frills punk
rock in
pure Ecto-Punk style!
The album was recorded , mastered and produced by Frederic Mazzei (the Leeches)
@ The New Mood recording studio at the end of 2013.


Matt - Drums
Alex - Guitar
El Lèon Blanco - Bass
Brodie - Guitar
All the Band - Vocals
One Chord Wonder - for Vinyl Version
Monkeyrite Records/Commando Records - for CD Version


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