album Clochard - English Version (singolo) Psicosuono

Psicosuono Clochard - English Version (singolo)


2017 - Rock, Progressive, Alternativo

Descrizione a cura della band


Hello, my name is No One,
soon I will disappear.
Walking alone, I’m feeling
not as a human being.

Nobody wants to talk to me,
I don’t know the reason why.
I am the same as you, my dear:
even the homeless cry.

My food is rubbish, I’m wearing nothing,
and if I think of me… I only see my shadow.
Lost in my time I try to survive.
If only I could dream… It’s a pity I can not live!

History has not a place for me,
I’m not important, so…
I’ve lost my hope and dignity,
in this indifferent world.

There was a time when I was young,
I threw it all away.
Now there’s no way to change my life,
this is what I’ve been said.

I can remember I had a good time…
Yes, I remember you! Do you remember me?
If I was richer, If I was nicer,
maybe you could be mine…
Even God would not take my life.

But I feel warm now, that is so strange…
Is there a fire? I can not see.
I’m wondering why you are looking at me,
but at the same time I smile and breathe.
I’m feeling stronger, my hunger has gone,
I would explain this, but I have no words.
Closing my eyes, I can see hers’.
She gave me life, now I’m in love.


(music & lyrics © Stefano De Marchi, lyrics © Elisabetta Giglioli, illustration © Dario Merati, executive producers: S. De Marchi, E. Giglioli, E. Costanzo, C. Bellamacina, D. Merati, M. Severini)

www.psicosuono.com, www.facebook.com/psicosuono, www.youtube.com/psicosuono, www.twitter.com/psicosuono1

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