Descrizione a cura della band


My glass is full of panic,
The rain is dark as wine.
While thinking of tomorrow,
I know that I would die.
My cloudy bitter memories
Are members of my Club.
My feet are slowly going to the pub.

I came here with my nightmares,
I don’t remember when.
My solitary illness
Is now my only friend.
The whiskey in the bottle
Will wash away the pain.
Bartender, please fill my glass again.

If you don’t stop me, well, it doesn’t matter…
The fire I've inside will burn me later.
I’ll search for cold in little cubes of ice,
My weakness will reach paradise.

While walking on the street
I meet some lights of cars.
I see a homeless man,
He’s looking at the stars.
If this is what I’m waiting for,
I think that I should change.
The wine will lose the battle with my brain!

But it is very difficult
To leave you, better half.
You, lovely Cognac bottle,
Will never break my heart.
I say: “This is the last time”,
You know that it’s a lie.
Your charitable touch will save my life.

The river of my tears is overflowing!
I’m trying to ride the waves, but… I am sorry.
I can’t go on without you by my side,
You are my queen, my one and only bride.

I’m ready to jump into the sea,
I’m sure that you would come with me.
I know that water will defeat the wine,
And I’ll be sinless as a child!


Music © Stefano De Marchi, lyrics © Elisabetta Giglioli, illustration © Dario Merati, executive producers: S. De Marchi, E. Giglioli, E. Costanzo, C. Bellamacina, D. Merati, M. Severini.


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